Team 6A Homework:

9/18-9/22Reading-Ms. Alseth"Life Doesn't Frighten Me" by Maya Angelou"Life Doesn't Frighten Me" QuizText Features Article: "Fears and Phobias HW - Finish Summary of article"Fears and Phobias" Quiz
9/11-9/15ScienceGenerate Science Fair QuestionsMAP testingMAP testingWater Cycle Field TripNo Students
9/18-9/22Social Studies Early Man Final TestEarly Man Final TestScience Fair research and refiningScience Fair research and refiningGeography of Egypt
9/18-9/22Math- GuruvaiyaThe Four-Step PlanMAP testingMAP testingEquivalent Ratios Day 1Equivalent Ratios Day 2 - HW: pg. 63-64 #1-5, and #8-11
9/18-9/22Math - Brooker/WicherskiNumber Sense and graphing introductionMAP testingGraphing data day 1StationsGraphing Ratios


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Team 6A

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Kate AlsethEnglish Language Arts 110www
Brittany VinchattleEnglish Language Arts 168www
Chelsea GuruvaiyaMath 111www
Kristin UtterbackScience/HCA 106www
Aaron BrookerSocial Studies/Service Learning 107www
Eric WicherskiSpecial Education 104www