Team 6A Homework:

January 15 - 19Language Arts - Ms. AlsethMLK DayFour Types of Conflict and Story Vocabulary Introduction"My Wonder Horse" "My Wonder Horse""My Wonder Horse" Quiz
Week of 1/15ScienceOnline lesson: Energy TypesChapter 1: Physical Science KE/PE LabElastic Potential Energy and Gravitational Potential EnergyElastic Potential Energy and Gravitational Potential EnergyIn Class work: Energy Types
Week of 1/15Social Studies No SchoolRoman Republic Section 5 and quizFrom Republic to EmpireFrom Republic to EmpireFrom Republic to Empire
Week of 01/15-01/19Math- GuruvaiyaNO SCHOOLMAP expectations, review, start MAP TESTINGMAP TESTINGMAP TESTINGFinish up/Make-up MAP TESTING and Dreambox
Week of 1/15Math - Brooker/WicherskiNo SchoolMultiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers pg 283 HW: 287,288HW Help/Fraction ReviewRecipricolsRecipricols


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Team 6A

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Kate AlsethEnglish Language Arts 110www
Brittany VinchattleEnglish Language Arts 168www
Chelsea GuruvaiyaMath 111www
Kristin UtterbackScience 106www
Aaron BrookerSocial Studies/Service Learning 107www
Eric WicherskiSpecial Education 104www