Team 6B Homework

12/4-12/8ELALibrary & Science Fair in ClassNovel unit in Class & Science Fair in ClassNovel unit in Class & Figurative Language ReviewNovel unit in Class Figurative Language Quiz in Class
12-11 to 12-15-17ScienceComplete Sweet Fossils lab write up.Complete Sweet Fossils lab write up.Work on Summative Project in class.Work on Summative Project in class.Take home Summative Project if not finished.
11/6-11/10Social Studies/ELA"Animal Snoops" vocab foldable/Ancient Greece Geography ChallengeLibrary/ Ancient Greece Geography Challenge"Animal Snoops" chunking activity/ Ancient Greece Critical Thinking"Animal Snoops" critical analysis/Ancient Greece Critical Thinking"Animal Snoops" quiz and game/Daily life in Ancient Greece
12/4/2017--12/8/2017MathScience Fair Help and Dream BoxChapter 3 Review StationsChapter 3 Review StationsChapter 3 TestChapter 3 Test


Team 6B

NamePositionE-mailRoom #Web
Juanita PetersenEnglish Language Arts 101www
Elizabeth SandersMath 103www
Lori SchillingScience 102www
Sara KleinSocial Studies & ELA 105www
Mr. WicherskiSpecial Eduation 104www