Big 6+ ELA Projects: 7th Grade Lang. Arts Big6+ Inquiry Project

CREATE a powerful presentation (visual, written or verbal) to convince someone to get active in a charity of your choice. Part of being an active citizen in a community is thinking about others in your community.  You will have a chance to select a charity of your choice to explore.

Answer the inquiry question: Which charity would you choose to personally become involved with as a volunteer, to donate to, or to spread the word about?


DAY 1: Discuss problems that might arise in your future. What are some of the issues that your generation will have to face? Create a symbol of your neighborhood, city, state, country, or world. Identify various challenges the human race might face on the map of your community.

Define Charity. Discuss what charities are and how they might benefit the recipient and the person volunteering with that charity.

DAY 2: Begin exploring various resources for researching your charity. Head to the library or bring resources to the classroom. Use the resources in Big6+ Steps 2 & 3 to begin your exploration. Then fill out the note-taking sheet (Big6+ Step 4).

DAY 3: Continue your research and note-taking in your classroom or the library. Remember to include citations for all of the resources you use.

DAY 4: In your language arts classroom or the library, begin working on your final project (Big6+ Step 5).

DAY 5: In your language arts classroom, complete the self-evaluation for all steps in the Big6+ process.

Big6+ Step 1: What do I need to do?

Big6+ Step 2 & 3: Where can I locate information and how can I access it?

Charity Websites:

Find this and other related books in the King Science Library.

How will I evaluate my resources?

Evaluating ABCD
Checklist for Evaluating Sources

Big6+ Step 4: How will I organize my information? How will I cite my information?

Big6+ Step 5: Synthesis. What can I make? FINAL PRODUCT

Now is your chance to create a product to illustrate what you've learned! Be sure to include your own personal perspective as well as information about your topic! Some of your choices include:

A brochure, a bookmark, an infographic, a flyer that includes 8-10 elements about the charity that describe what the charity does and how people can support the charity.

A summary of information learned. Please include a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure to include how the charity began, the work the charity does to support those it helps, the charity's connection to Omaha, and why this charity would be the ideal one for you to become involved with whether through volunteering, donations, or information sharing.

A four to five minute formal presentation for the class or for small groups of classmates.

Big6+ Step 6: How will I know I did my job well? SELF-EVALUATION