What's it all about?

Lesson Overview: The goal of this project is to determine whether the citizens of a chosen country should stay in their country or leave and seek a home elsewhere. You will explain why you made that decision and other conditions associated with the decision.

Big6+ Step 1: What do I need to do?

Big6+ Steps 2 & 3: Where can I locate information and how can I access it?


District Databases


  • 7th Grade Social Studies Textbook
  • Books in the Library

How will I evaluate my resources?
Evaluating ABCD
Checklist of Evaluating Sources

Big6+ Step 4: How will I organize my information? How will I cite my information?

Big6+ Step 5: Synthesis. How can I organize my information? How can I present the results?


Click for Decision Information Sheet

Now is your chance to create a product to illustrate what you've learned! Be sure to include your own personal perspective as well as information about your topic! Some of your choices include:


Using the information from the Decision Information Sheet, create an end product to share the decision made. The end product must include the required information and may be in the form of a formal essay (paper), PowerPoint, Sway, Office Mix, Poster, Speech, Brochure, etc.

Products can follow a standard format with an introduction (Question 1), body (Question 2), and conclusion (Question 3) using information from the Decision Information Sheet.


PowerPoint Template

Big6+ Step 6: How will I know I did my job well? SELF-EVALUATION