Ancient Greece

Complete the activities in each category to learn about Ancient Greece:

1. Gods & Goddesses
2. Greek Alphabet
3. Alexander the Great
4. Government
5. Geography
6. Growing Up Greek
7. Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt


Gods & Goddesses

Use the Matching, Concentration, or Word Search Games at Greek Gods to match Gods with their definitions.
Olympian Greek Gods and Goddesses
List of Greek Gods & Goddesses

Ancient Greek Government

Learn about the Ancient Greek Government here. Afterwards, test your government knowledge with this Ancient Greek Government Quiz.

Growing Up Greek

Use the index in the books provided to answer questions about growing up in Ancient Greece.
Books: Kids in Ancient Greece, The Usborne Encylopedia of Ancient Greece, and Greeks

Greek Alphabet Song

Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt

Use the links to topics provided at Odyssey Online's: Greece, to learn about ancient Greeks and how they continue to influence and inspire us today.

Alexander the Great

Watch the video about Alexander the Great. Use the information from the video to answer questions about him on the Alexander the Great page of your packet.

Alexander the Great Video


Using your five senses, write a descriptive paragraph about the Greek landscape in one of the images provided.
Greek Landscape #1
, Greek Landscape #2, Greek Landscape #3

Greek Alphabet

Roman to Greek Alphabet

Use the alphabet chart to write your name in Greek.

Decode the following sentence:
ναμε ονε τηινγ ψου λικε αβουτ ανξιεντ γρεεξε.

Go to the web site Type Greek and create a one sentence message for a friend to decode.

Ancient Greece Links

Ancient Greece - The British Museum
Ancient Greece for Kids
BBC Ancient Greeks: Primary History
Ancient Greece - Archaeology, Architecture, History & Culture, Greek Art, Maps, Photographs, Museums
Ancient Greece - Art & Architecture, Geography, History, Mythology, Olympics, People, Wars, Culture & Society