Physical Education and Human Growth and Development Teacher

Mr. Moon is teaching 5th thru 8th grade Physical Education and 7th and 8th grade Human Growth and Development with his PE classes.


Welcome!  I am enjoying my tenth year of teaching at King Science and Technology Magnet Center.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in May 2007.  After college graduation, I backpacked across Europe for over a month and visited several schools in Germany to observe PE classes there.  I believe being physically active not only helps a student's self esteem but can also help a student be successful academically.  At the middle school level we emphasize on the skills and rules needed to play organized sports.  At KSTM students will participate in team sports, individual sports and fitness activities throughout the school year.  I enjoy the outdoors and all sports and physical activities.  I also coach 7/8th girls and boys swimming and 7/8th girls soccer.



Hellison's Model for PE participation

Level 4 - Leadership/Caring 

Level 3 - Self Responsible 

Level 2 - Involved  

Level 1 - Self Control 

Level 0 - Irresponsible 


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Kevin Moon

P.E. and HGD

King Science and Technology Magnet Center

(402) 557-1134