Mrs Thomas - 5th Grade Science

Hello! I have been at KSTM for 13 years. I have taught 7th Grade science, 8th Grade Biology, the Transition Room, and 5th Grade science.

I have two young children and enjoy reading Young Adult Literature and animal fact books in my spare time.


5th grade WEBQUESTS LINKS 2015-2016

Frog Dissection




3rd Grade Review
4th Grade Review
5th Grade Review

5th Grade Force and Motion Webquest #3

Site 1:  Friction
Site 2: Forces
Site 3: Design a Coaster 
Design a Coaster 2
Site 4: Science of Hockey
Site 5: Skateboarding Science
Site 6: Fear of Physics
Site 7: Experiments of Gallileo
Site 8: Physics of Baseball
Site 9: Junkyard Wars
Site 10: Simulations Activity A
Simulations Activity B
Simulations Activity C
The rest of the activities are HONORS LEVEL. Attempt them if you choose!

Friction and Gravity Webquest #2

Site 1: Science Monster Gravity
Lunar Lander game: Game
Site 2 Fear of Physics: Friction Big Red Truck
Site 3: Track Friction
Site 3 (Click the word Quiz on the webpage) : Quiz
Then go to: Measuring friction
Site 4: Vocabulary

For your WEATHER  webquest, use the following websites:
A. For #1-2, go to Tornadoes: violently rotating.
B. For #3-8, go to USA Today Tornadoes.
C. For  step "C" go to Hunt for the Supertwister.
D. For #9-15 go to Forces of Nature - National Geographic.
E. For #16-19 go to Enchanted Learning.
F. For #20 go to The Exosphere.
G. For #21 go to PBS.
H. For #22 go to Heat Transfer.
When done, go to EdHeads Weather.