Team 8A Homework:

DatesSorted By Dates In Ascending OrderSubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
 Biology: Ms. Cotten     
 PreAlgebra: Mr. Miles     
 Honors Algebra: Mr. Miles     
10/24 - 10/28Science 8: Mr. FredricksonChanges in Matter - No HWChanges in matter - No HWChemical vs Physical Changes - HW: finish classworkChemical vs. Physical Changes - HW: finish classworkLaw of Conservation of Mass - Quiz - No HW
10/24 - 10/28Physical Science: Mr. FredricksonScience Journalism Project - No HWDo not meetIonic Bonding - No HWDo not meetCovalent Bonding - No HW
3/6 - 3/10Spanish: Mrs. NavarroConjugate ar verbs part 4Conjugate ar verbs part 4Conjugate ar verbs part 5 Conjugate ar verbs part 5Conjugate all verbs part 1
5/15-5/19Social Studies: Mr. WebsterThe Urban Game/Tenement Life/Project IntroProject Day 2child Labort/Project Day 1A- Day Projects Due. Presentation.Project Day 2.
Jan 23 - 27 PreAlgebra: Ms. Hoffmannreview for unit examunit examWaggleLines and angles 
Jan 23 - 27Honors Algebra: Ms. Hoffmannp. 417 2 - 18 evenreview for unit examch 7 unit exam  
october 17-213-Language Arts: Mrs. Faberreview for HamletReview for Hamlet include To Be or Not To BeGrammer unit pages 184,185,-189, Social Issue CampaignPaws all day Parent Teacher Conferencesno school
october 17-21Honors Language Arts: Mrs. FaberReview for the play HamletClass to see the production of HamletGrammar 184,185,186-190 social issues campaignPaws all day Parent teacher conferencesno School


Team 8A

NamePositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderE-mailRoom #Web
Ms. Hollie CottenBiology 206www
Ms. Maribeth TalbotEnglish Language Arts 221www
Ms. Diane HoffmannPre-Algebra & Algebra 226www
Mr. Nick WebsterSocial Studies 222www
Mrs. Yessika Navarro GonzalezSpanish 217www
Ms. Laura HolkerSpecial Education 215www
Mr. Dan KubickZoo Career Academy 160www