Team 8B Homework

DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderSubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
10/21-10/25English Language Arts     
2/10-2/14Atkin - PreAlgebraChapter Review and PracticeChapter Review HW-Study for test tomorrowUnit 3 Test Financial Friday
October 21-23Social StudiesThe Legislative Branch (no homework) The Executive Branch (no homework) The Judicial Branch (no homework)
October 21-25Math     

Team 8 TAHITI Form

Team 8B

NamePositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderEmailRoom #Web Page
Ms. Tina BrownLanguage Artstina.brown@ops.org222 
Ms. Jennifer BuserLanguage Artsjennifer.buser@ops.org217 
Ms. Cassie KenedyMathcassandra.kenedy1@ops.org218 
Ms. Stacy AtkinMathstacy.atkin@ops.org210 
Mr. Carter ShankSciencecarter.shank@ops.org223 
Mrs. Kristen ZachariasSocial Studieskristen.zacharias@ops.org219 
Ms. Krista ScheiflaSpecial Educationkrista.scheifla@ops.org215