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Robotics Opportunities at King Science

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Please contact Mr. Frederickson at jack.fredrickson@ops.org or room 227

Rhonda Rodriguez at rhonda.rodriguez@ops.org or room 164


Robotics at King:

King Science offers Create JR and VEX IQ as a competitive team for 5/6th Graders. Create JR and VEX IQ's competitive application process is at the beginning of each school year.

Explorations in Robotics 1 is a year-long course for 7th and 8th graders.

VEX Education Overview

VEX Education is dedicated to providing engaging and fun student experiences that enable individuals to reach their full potential while they develop the knowledge and skills vital to success in the 21st Century. Given today’s global challenges compared to the rest of recorded history, there has never been an age with a greater need for new scientists, engineers and problem solving leaders. Recent breakthroughs in chemistry, medicine and physics have revealed a new set of challenges and created even greater opportunity for problem solving through technology. This underscores a dramatic challenge: there are not enough students choosing related paths to meet that global demand.

Recognizing this dilemma, scores of governments and organizations are turning toward programs that integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as a means to meaningfully engage and develop the next generation. VEX Education exists to help schools focus on practical, affordable and accessible ways of delivering dynamic hands-on STEM educational experiences to as many students as possible. Mixing the excitement and motivation associated with competition and real-world applications of mathematics and science concepts through the use of the engineering design process, we focus on addressing current educational and societal needs on many levels.

The study of robotics, by its very nature, captures all four legs of STEM very well while a competitive environment increases motivation and desire to succeed, thus creating classroom environments where both knowledge and skill development can flourish without having to compromise one for the other. Whether it’s our classroom competition products, our classroom lab packages, one or more of our curriculum options, selections from our free education resources or some combination of them all, VEX Education continues to be a world-leader in classroom robotics applications and stands poised to help schools meet the growing global demands of the 21st Century.


VEX Awards history

2017-2018 Year 10

2016-2017 Year 9

2015-16 Year 8:
Summary coming soon.
2014-15 Year 7:

Judges Award to 1061A @ North High School Tournament 
Design Award to 1061E @ King Science Middle School Tournament
Excellence Award to 1061D @ North High School Tournament - Middle School
Sportsmanship Award to 1061A @ King Science Middle School Tournament
Tournament Champion to 1061C @ Marrs Magnet Middle School Tournament
Design Award to 1061B @ McMillan Middle School Tournament
2014-15 Create Jr. Awards for elementary:
Buttery Battlerams from King Science and Technology Magnet received the Engineering Award at the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship - Grade School Division on April 14, 2015 at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA.
Engineering Award @ Boyd Elementary CREATE Jr. Robotics Tournament
Tournament Champions @ Harrison Elementary CREATE Jr. Tournament 
Engineering Award @ McMillan Magnet Center CREATE Jr. Tournament
Engineering Award @ Adams Elementary CREATE Jr. Tournament
2013 -2014 Year 6
Sportsmanship Award 1061D @ Marrs Marget Middle School VRC
Judges Award 1061D @ North High Middle School VEX tournament
Excellence Award 1061D @ King Science Magnet VEX Tournament
2012 -2013 Year 5
Create Jr. team competed in VEX IQ at the World Championships
Tiggers- Design Award
Cougars-Honor Award
2011-2012 Year 4
The Tiggers competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship
Tiggers-Excellence Award, Champion, Finalist,
BUILD Award at US National Championship.
Panthers- Finalist, Sportsmanship Award, Design Award (2x)
Cougars- Engineer Award, Champion 2 times, finalists
HONOR Award at the Create JR US National VEX Robotics Championship
Leopards- Engineer Award, Honor Awards twice, qualified for Nationals
Cubs- Finalist, Engineer Award
2010-2011 Year 3
Competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship in Orlando, FL.
Tiggers- Champion
Other awards:
Feral Cats- Finalists
King Science as a school was also awarded the Sportsmanship Award
Cubs- King JR team qualified for Nationals
2009-2010 Year 2
Mrs. Rhonda Rodriguez- Create Foundation Teacher of the Year, US National VEX Robotics Championship
Competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, TX
Pumas- Champion (2x), Design Award, Create Award
Tiggers- Excellence, Energy, Programming Skills
2008-2009 VEX Robotics Year 1
Competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, TX.
Urbanites- Excellence Award

VEX Resources

VEX Robotics Inventors Guide

Protobot Quick Start

VEX Robotics Website

Physics is FUN!





Force: A force is any push or pull.
Gravity: Gravity is a force which draws any two objects toward one another.
Speed: Speed is how fast an object moves and is equal to the distance that object travels divided by the time it takes.
Velocity: Velocity is a combination of speed and the direction in which an object travels.
Critical Velocity: Critical velocity is the speed needed at the top of a loop for a car to make it through the loop without falling off the track.
Acceleration: How quickly an object speeds up, slows down, or changes direction; equal to change in velocity divided by time.
Friction: Friction is a force caused by rubbing between two objects.
Potential Energy: Potential energy is energy stored by an object ready to be used (in this lesson, we will use gravitational potential energy, which is directly related to the height of an object and its mass).
Kinetic Energy: Kinetic energy is the energy of an object in motion, which is directly related to its velocity and its mass.
Gravitational Constant: The gravitational constant is the acceleration caused by Earth's gravity at sea level and is equal to 9.81 m/s^2 (32.2 ft/s^2).
G-Force: Also known as a gravitational force, a g-force is equal to the force exerted on an object by Earth's gravity at sea level.

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